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Do You Have A External Home Cleaning Project We Can Help With?
We Offer Professional Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Sunshine Coast

“Using a combination of environmentally safe detergent and pressure washing, Jeff took care of the brick work beautifully.
Then on the rest of the building, Packapunch Pressure Cleaning applied a soft wash solution, taking all the property development grime and dust off the building to make it look fresh and clean.
Definitely adds to a nice welcome for the new residents arriving.”





Solar Panel and Mould Removal

PackaPunch has a duel filtration unit on board our specialised pressure cleaning ute that also runs resin through the system designed to remove spotting and leave your glass areas streak free.
This state of the art Ute has been built keeping in mind the operators safety and clients needs.
It has helped with delivering the most affordable total exterior cleaning services from Brisbane – Sunshine Coast – Gympie.

A water-feed broom can be attached to the filtration system and is capable of reaching up to 6mtrs for all those hard to get to places.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Mould Treatment

  • Roof Washing

  • Acid Washing

  • Gutter Cleaning

Mould Treatment

Mould may seem to many people like a purely cosmetic problem within homes and buildings, and it is certainly true that it has an unsightly effect.
But it also causes too many issues, sore throats, headaches, eye irritation, congestion and a host of other potential health issues if left unchecked, particularly among the most vulnerable members of the population.

Professional Mould Removal

To free your business or residence from the creeping spread of mould or rising damp, professional attention is necessary. Our team at Packapunch will find and eliminate mould where it appears, clean the air of the microscopic spores that it uses to reproduce and take active steps to prevent mould issues from appearing again.

Keep Your Home Mould Free & Stay Healthy

To achieve a clean and healthy home environment, performing a professional exterior cleaning with Packapunch is a necessary step. When your home or business benefits from our service, you’ll feel the air become fresher and the surfaces around you much smoother and more aesthetically appealing. You may even feel healthier, thanks to the purer air. Mould is admittedly a fact of life but it doesn’t need to be a big negative factor in our life.

  • Fully Trained

  • Fully Insured

  • Licenced

  • Work Health & Safety

  • Work Method Statements

Gutter Cleaning

We provide a complete gutter cleaning service that includes cleaning loose debris from the top of your roof down to the insides of your gutters and downpipes.
Where possible your gutters are vacuumed out and any debris that gets on the ground is cleaned up to your satisfaction.
When we do leave the ground, we are trained in height safety and certified through the Total Height Safety RTO. We offer affordable and skilled gutter cleaning services to the Brisbane,Sunshine Coast & Gympie Area
No job is too small and no gutter too high!
We offer competitive rates and are more than happy to provide free quotes to our customers.
We have built our business on the PackaPunch values of:

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Fully trained + Licenced Staff

  • Safety Focused

  • Reliable + Honest

  • Responsible – Fully Insured

  • Fast + Friendly

FAQ Questions

WHY HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING?2021-06-18T10:13:37+10:00

What Are The Cost Involved In Pressure Cleaning A House

High pressure cleaning is designed for those stubborn areas that can withstand the force that soft wash is unable to remove. Our friendly PackaPunch staff member will advise of the best application during the quoting stage.
Costs involved in pressure cleaning a house can vary from quote to quote depending on the area size of the pressure cleaning required. It will also be determined by the roof shape of the house and steepness, as additional care in more dangerous situations can take longer to perform.

How Much Does High Pressure Cleaning Cost?

The average range for a standard pressure cleaning job can be between $750 and $1500 dollars, but an accurate quote by Packapunch will allow you peace of mind and a more accurate price for your high pressure cleaning project.

Contact Jeff today for a free quote within 8 hours.

WHAT IS SOFT WASH?2021-06-18T08:37:47+10:00


Why Soft Wash Is Gaining Popularity

Soft wash is a specific cleaning solution and differs from high pressure cleaning. Soft washing applications have replaced some high pressure washing to reduce damage to your number one investment. The process remove algae, mould, fungus, bacteria and other contaminates. PackaPunch operators have been fully trained in all applications of soft wash pressure cleaning by Soft Wash Australia.
We can offer you a one stop shop that gives customers a choice when it comes to cleaning their property exteriors. Our specialised training allows our staff to define the most safe and effective cleaning solutions to any job. This can provide our customers the best results when it comes to cleaning their exterior of your property.
We cover all areas of the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Bribie Island and Brisbane suburbs north of the river.
To make a booking or have Jeff complete a Free Quote within 8 hours, contact us here .

soft wash

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